The mission of Chrysalis School is to equip Christ centered young people with the education required to compete in a modern world.

Founder's Statement

"Chrysalis School shall forever be a Christ-centered place of learning. Chrysalis School shall have as its foundation the sacred, eternal and Holy Spirit inspired Word of God. Chrysalis School and its staff and students shall demonstrate at all times and in all things the passionate pursuit of excellence. Chrysalis School shall endeavor to encourage its students to pursue knowledge and a relationship with Christ."

Chris L. Contreras
Pastor - New Work Family Worship Center
Administrator - Chrysalis School

Statement of Faith

Chrysalis School will strive to create and sustain a Christ-centered teaching and learning environment designed to develop every student wholly - spiritually, intellectually, and socially to their maximum potential.

While Chrysalis School is open to the varied avenues of Christian believers - Chrysalis School establishes its goal in the following:

GOD - To develop in the minds of students a respect and love for God and to encourage students to know God personally and intimately.

WORLD - To teach students to see the world as God's handiwork and to instill in them the desire to do their part in making the world a better place with their actions.

MAN - To teach a biblical view of man - his origin, nature, history, destiny and to encourage students to develop a Spirit led response to life while cultivating critical thinking.

TRUTH - To teach and encourage students to know truth, obey truth, follow truth and promote truth.

VALUES - To instill God centered values that will lead students to know and discern between good and evil while showing appreciation to others.


Chris L. Contreras Administrator
Shirley Sisk Director
Barbara Odom Elementary Instructor
Catherine Kuchan Secondary Instructor
Jaylyn Carter Secondary Instructor
Barbara Odom Elementary Aide
Gaylyn Zamazal Reception/Records
Liz Rountree Lunch/Recess Monitor
Mary Ayres Elementary Aide
Troy Key Maintenance and Operations