About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Chrysalis School is to equip Christ-centered young people with the education needed to compete in a modern world.

History of Chrysalis School

With a vision and faith in God, Pastor Chris Contreras began plans for establishing a school that would offer families an educational alternative in a Christian environment.  Chrysalis first opened in September 2017 and was housed in two classrooms in New Work Family Worship Center. The school was blessed to move into a brand-new school building in November 2018.   Enrollment has grown each year providing young lives not only an academic education that prepares them for daily living, but spiritual training that will have an eternal impact on their souls.

Vision Statement

Students at Chrysalis School will be grounded in God’s Word and challenged to achieve academic excellence as they prepare to use their gifts and abilities effectively to follow God’s plan for their lives.


Chrysalis School embraces a Christian philosophy of education that is built on a Biblical foundation which views knowledge and truth as having their source in God.  Chrysalis School seeks to aid the student in developing his/her talents and abilities while learning to view God as the Lord of all of life.

Statement of Faith

Chrysalis School is an education ministry of New Work Family Worship Center, and as such, agrees with and operates under the Statements of Faith of the church.  Chrysalis School will strive to create and sustain a Christ-centered teaching and learning environment designed to develop every student wholly – spiritually, intellectually, and socially to their maximum potential.

Core Values

The core values for Chrysalis School are:

  • GOD – To develop in the minds of students a respect and love for God and to
    encourage students to know God personally and intimately.
  • WORLD – To teach students to see the world as God’s handiwork and to instill in them the desire to do their part in making the world a better place with their actions.
  • MAN – To teach a Biblical view of man – his origin, nature, history, destiny, and to encourage students to develop a Spirit-led response to life while cultivating critical thinking.
  • TRUTH – To teach and encourage students to know truth, obey truth, follow truth, and promote truth.
  • VALUES – To instill God-centered values that will lead students to know and discern between good and evil while showing appreciation to others.


Chrysalis School is a member of the accrediting agency, National Association of Private Schools. Chrysalis follows the State of Texas guidelines for education, however, does not receive funding from any State or Federal agency. Chrysalis has the legal authority to grant valid and legal diplomas along with valid and certified transcripts of courses taken to graduating students.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Chrysalis School does not discriminate against students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. Chrysalis School is a Christian based organization therefore students and parents are expected to adhere to foundational Christian beliefs.

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