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Staff at Chrysalis

Staff members at Chrysalis School strive to provide a rigorous, quality education for students. They are committed to challenging students to set high academic standards, while at the same time providing Christian examples through the lives they lead.

Chris L. Contreras
Administrator of  Chrysalis School
Founder & Pastor of New Work Family Worship Center

Shirley E.  Sisk
Director of  Chrysalis School


A developmental, multi-sensory, broad-based curriculum that allows the student to learn to deal with issues and ideas is offered. The natural integration of biblical absolutes and principles is a vital part of the total daily program. Curricular and co-curricular activities are planned and implemented with the objective of guiding students in developing a Christian world and life view. Exposure to issues and ideas and learning how to deal with them biblically will aid in the preparation of each student to live in a contemporary society for the honor and glory of the Lord.

  • Instruction for elementary students is provided through rigorous curriculum taught by experienced, certified educators.
  • Intermediate students are taught by experienced certified instructors through a variety of rigorous curriculum as well as some online coursework.
  • Instruction for secondary students is a combination of teacher taught courses and online coursework. Career and technical courses are also available for student enrollment.
  • Study of the Bible is a part of the curriculum in all grade levels.

Dual Credit

  • Students have the opportunity to choose dual credit courses that earn both high school graduation credits as well as college credits.
  • Parents are responsible for paying tuition for dual credit courses.
  • The fee for dual credit courses is not included in the Chrysalis school tuition payments.
  • Students are expected to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the college.


  • Chrysalis School annually administers assessments, such as the Iowa Assessments, formerly known as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).  The purpose of administering such assessments is to ascertain whether students are functioning at the appropriate grade level and acquiring knowledge expected for that grade level.
  • The school does not teach to any formalized testing structure nor will it use any formalized testing structure to determine school performance or a student’s knowledge or abilities and qualifications to pass, fail or graduate.  Such assessments will be used as a gauge to ensure that the school is meeting educational needs and to identify where improvements may be needed.
  • During the school year, assessments are included throughout the student’s coursework. Assessments may include written tests and quizzes, presentations, oral check-ins for understanding, and teacher observation.


  • Students in high school are encouraged to include coursework that counts toward earning an endorsement, such as those in the Texas graduation requirements.
  • Such endorsements are available in plans of study including STEAM, Business and Industry, Public Services, Arts and Humanities, and Multidisciplinary Studies.
  • Chrysalis offers a variety of courses that meet the requirements for these endorsements.
  • Such endorsements provide training and information for the workplace. As a result, students may graduate with more than the number of credits required for graduation.

Graduation Plans

Graduation plans will be developed to guide a student’s coursework through his/her high school career.  Plans may be changed to meet student needs, interests, and career plans. Chrysalis School reserves the right to make changes in courses as needed in order to assure rigorous coursework while at the same time meeting the academic needs of the student.  Changes will be discussed with the parent/guardian and student before they are made.

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